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My formative years (nearly half of my life) were spent in Ibadan. Till this day this is where I consider to be my home in Nigeria and my family still reside there. The University of Ibadan is the premier university in West Africa founded in 1948. As such, I grew up around a largely academic crowd. They were refined, sophisticated as well as learned. Ibadan is a serene place for me, a retreat of sorts far from the madding crowd. This is the place that raised me. This is where I formed most of my friendships which continue to this day. This place and it's people inspired the Ibadan candle and diffuser. This fragrance has a deeply sensual oud aroma. This scent is wrapped in luxury, releasing rich, smoky yet floral accords that electrify the senses.


120ml diffuser - Lasts up to 10 weeks

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